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Jjiraf - Pumped Up Kicks & Radioactive Mashup

My first Tumblr post in ages to share this cracking mash up from my beautiful nieces.  Two girls, one plays piano, one guitar, both sing, both rock.  Check out their stuff on their YouTube channel.

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Check out the video:
Myron & E with the Soul Investigators “If I Gave You My Love” from the forthcoming album BROADWAY
Release date: July 2, 2013 |

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u like black opera?!

Asked by dollarbillhill

How could you not?  TBO are on point. 

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14KT straight out of Detroit.  Picking up where Dilla left off.  This guys beats are insane.  Been stuck listening to his stuff for about an hour now on the Youtube.

14KT - Change Time

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So it’s my mate’s birthday today, he was lamenting getting another year older.  I told him not to worry, it’s not the end of the world….

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Another rant….

So I saw a posting on facebook from a local Melbourne DJ lamenting the fact that there was so much deep around, and is party still a thing?  This got me thinking, exactly what happened?  I personally like the deep and half the reason I don’t go out much anymore was too much party and no focus on the music from a bunch of people that didn’t like the music I liked, that was not my scene.

I remember a time when if you liked underground house you would go to a place that played that.  If you liked D&B you would go somewhere that played that.  Sometimes there would be good events that had a mixed bag of underground music across different rooms.  If you liked commercial dance music, there were clubs that played that too and you could go there.

However, in more recent years it seems clubbing has come to mean one thing, one type of place.  Electronic music, both underground and mainstream, got lumped into one big group together as dance music.  Suddenly as a DJ I found myself surrounded by a group of people I didn’t recognise, a scene that was rapidly changing, and a demand from some punters for some of the worst music possible (and those requests were getting more regular). People were there to be seen rather than enjoy the music.  If you can find a bigger vibe killer anywhere I would like to know about it.

Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe if you want to party to cheesy music, go somewhere that does that.  If you want underground, go somewhere that does that.  If you want to be seen, there are places for that too.  Maybe as DJs, stop trying to hang in the cool underground scene when you play shit music.  Maybe it’s partly your fault that the whole scene is mixed up. Accept what you like and play it appropriately. 

I don’t know if this is a problem anywhere else in the world but it has become an issue here in Australia.  From what I can tell it seems like that issue may have infected the US too, even worse there that we have R&B artists putting out shitty house tracks with vocoded vocals and that is getting lumped in with the rest of electronic music too.

Maybe I’m just old and have fallen into the cliched aged clubber who laments the loss of the good old days.  Still, maybe the good old days made sense as everyone got to enjoy something they loved in a place that suited them, rather than kinda having a good time at a place made for everyone.

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Fucking wow….one of my favourite house artists - Erdbeerschnitzel - in break beat mode with his Dark Side of the Meat alias.  Love the haunting nature of the vocals and the synth work here is just sublime.  Somehow he manages to glitch it all out while still maintaining such a beautiful sense of melody.  As he describes it - (Post)Candypowerpop - love it!

Ed Regan feat Anna Lena - Ghostly Notes (Dark Side of the Meat Remix)

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Promotion for the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich / Switzerland.

By Bartek Elsner

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Just a little something new I have been working on.  Been on a bit of a Stanley Clarke tip lately and this is what happened as a result.

Nu Beta - Deja Vu

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over it….

Keep shooting your guns all the way to hell America.

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Really? Can you be that stupid?

I have some dick on youtube trying to explain to me that you need to adjust per capita stats according to the difference in population between Australia and the US, and that when you do that multiplication Australia has a far worse crime rate.  Not sure if he has figured out by definition the term ‘per capita’ has already taken this into account.

Fucking idiot.

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Sorry to lose my patience for a second but this is for those pointing out “some guy in China killed 23 kids, see it’s not the gun!”

No, he did not kill 23 people.  He injured 23 children and one adult, none seriously, not one person dead.  Can you seriously keep a straight face and say that would have been the case had he even had a regular handgun let alone a fucking assault rifle?

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Sorry for so many posts on this issue tonight but I am awake and these thoughts are all running around in my head.

Again I have been reading comments from obviously right wing gun enthusiasts about how people need guns to protect themselves from the tyranny of government.  However, these are the same people who willingly handed back their civil rights to allow the government to monitor them even closer in case of a possible threat of terrorist attack.

The thought that you have freely given away rights that have a tangible effect on the quality of your every day life yet can’t get rid of a gun because of the possibility that one day something might happen so you need to be able to protect yourselves is laughable. 

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the right to bear arms

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